What is lerage?
Conceiving fashion is a collective effort of inspired individuals. Fashion is perpetually evolving and increasingly influenced by the globalization of ideas and culture.
lerage has evolved in its second version as a platform designed to facilitate the collaborative interaction among designers, models, photographers, stylists, makers, and marketers - the core of the fashion industry.
It is a place where designers can showcase their latest ideas, boutiques can discover emerging trends and catalogue their merchandise, and fashion critics can express their views.
lerage is the only website where fashion professionals and fans can participate, network and also curate fashion selections. Fashion professionals can express their views to designers and designers can test their concepts.
I welcome the creators and lovers of fashion from around the world to harness the creative process, collaborate and communicate through lerage.
Thank you for your support.
Manish Shah
Founder and President
lerage team:
Tom Buckingham  |  Huy Phan  |  David Rickham  |  Stewart Small  |  Mark Weinberger

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